BlazeFit Welcomes YOU!


You have just taken the first step on your journey to claim Your Fit and Healthy Body. It all starts with a decision, then taking action on that decision and YOU DID IT! I am so proud of you for calling or emailing me!

Another way I want to encourage you to TAKE ACTION is do these steps below, immediately! Please answer these questions in detail before our appointment. We WILL get you results, it’s what we do!

A few details:

  • Make sure you add my email to your address book so it doesn’t get blocked.
  • If you are not going to take the time to answer the questions right now, please MAKE SURE you do it before our appointment.
  • Many of you will give lengthy answers so when you are done with each question, highlight it, right click it and copy it, then paste it into a word document so you can save it for you to read later. Also, you must click the “Get Your Fit & Healthy Body” button at the bottom of this when you are done with all the questions or it will NOT be submitted. If you don’t have a few minutes now, then please come back to this before our appointment, BUT it would be better for you to do it now. Keep in mind…most of our clients come to us for weight loss so some of these questions will apply to you and some won’t.
Begin the adventure to Your Fit & Healthy Body and Abundant Health…

Why are you Ready for YOUR Fit Body and Better Health?

Answer these questions and click “Submit” when you are done answering both sets of questions. They can be as long you want – really dig deep and think about this, it WILL have an impact on your results. You need to get in touch with your feelings and how not being healthy and fit has affected your life. Then you can really start to do something about it and GET Your Fit, Tone & Healthy Body and have the level of health you want to have.

I encourage you to find a picture of yourself of you being at your goal weight (if you have that picture). If you don’t have one, then maybe look in a magazine and find a picture of a Man/Woman that has your body style and looks like you want to look (I prefer your picture though).

Also many women like to bring their bathing suit to get the body analysis done, however you do not have to do this if you are not comfortable with it. If you are, please bring it with you.

We also customize all our programs to fit your specific needs. When you come in, we will show you exactly what your options are so you can get a program that fits your lifestyle, goals and budget. Some people have benefited from looking at their monthly budget before they come into the appointment so they know which program is best for them. We have many programs that fit many different budgets. If this is a concern of yours, we encourage you to do that if its needed so you will know what program fits you the best.

Great job! I will see you at the appointment. Make sure you click the “Submit Now” button Above to submit your answers and you will also be shown directions of how to get there. See you there!