Yoga! Really?

Posted: October 16, 2014 in Nutrition

It’s All About Rewards

You may come to tolerate or even enjoy exercise if you experience the rewards it offers. Giving up after only a few workout sessions will leave you with sore muscles and a negative view of exercise. But sticking with your routine will lead to fitness rewards that make you keep coming back day af

ter day, year after year.

Besides physical rewards, exercise comes with personal rewards: a goal accomplished, a new identity, the satisfaction of knowing you’re taking care of your body. If physical and personal rewards aren’t enough, reward yourself in some other way. Stick to your routine for a month and buy      

yourself new workout clothes. Two months, and you get new shoes. Reach your weight loss goal, and throw yourself a party. When you realize the many rewards of exercise, you may never go back to a fitness-free lifestyle.



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